Helm Chart: Create And Upload a Helm Chart On Artifact Servers

Create Helm Chart

Step 1: Create a New Helm Chart

helm create <chart name>
helm create phoenixnap
ls <chart name>
  • Directory charts — Used for adding dependent charts. Empty by default.
  • Directory templates — Configuration files that deploy in the cluster.
  • YAML file — Outline of the Helm chart structure.
  • YAML file — Formatting information for configuring the chart.

Step 2: Configure Helm Chart Image Pull Policy

  • IfNotPresent – Downloads a new version of the image if one does not exist in the cluster.
  • Always – Pulls the image on every restart or deployment.
  • Latest – Pulls the most up-to-date version available.

Step 3: Helm Chart Name Override

Step 4: Specify Service Account Name

Step 5: Change Networking Service Type

Deploy Helm Chart

Step 1: Check minikube Status

minikube status
minikube start

Step 2: Install the Helm Chart

helm install <full name override> <chart name>/ --values <chart name>/values.yaml
helm install phoenix-chart phoenixnap/ --values phoenixnap/values.yaml

Step 3: Export the Pod Node Port and IP Address

Step 4: View the Deployed Application

Add Helm Repository Artifact Servers

Before You Begin

Visual Summary

Step 1: Select Helm Repository

  1. Click Setup.
  2. Click Connectors.
  3. Click Artifact Servers.
  4. Click Add Artifact Server.
  5. In Type, click Helm Repository.

Step 2: Display Name

Step 3: Hosting Platform

Step 4: Repository URL

Step 5: Username and Password



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